18 Wheeler Accident Lawsuit

A traffic accident between an average car and an 18 wheeler is no contest. The 18 wheeler — also known as a tractor trailer, diesel truck, big rig or semi truck — may weigh 80,000 pounds, compared to the average car’s 4,000 pounds. Case closed.

Indeed, in a crash between a car and an 18 wheeler, most of the 5,000 yearly fatalities involve those in the car, not the truck. Too, though large trucks are just 3 per cent of vehicles on the road, they’re involved in 12 percent of accident fatalities — and in half a million accidents overall.

Studies also show that car drivers involved in a large truck collision are 80 per cent more likely to die than those in a crash with another car.

Considering the catastrophic injuries and deaths caused by 18 wheelers and the big trucking companies behind them, Americans need legal help to recover financially in an 18 wheeler accident lawsuit. They need a big rig lawyer or semi truck attorney from our law firm to fight for their right to economic compensation.

18 Wheeler Accident Causes

Though car drivers can contribute to an 18 wheeler accident, the semi trucks themselves often are to blame.

They may be driven by fatigued drivers who have spent far too long on the job and may fall asleep at the wheel. They may have drivers who are poorly trained in the physics of handling such a massive vehicle.

They may be driven by drivers who are drunk, on drugs or distracted by electronics devices in the cab of the large truck. They may be driven by drivers who speed, tailgate and in other ways drive recklessly.

They also may be driven by drivers who load their trucks far beyond what should be their maximum capacity, making the vehicle inherently dangerous. Too, some truck loads can be dangerous in themselves, by being flammable or toxic.

An 18 wheeler also may be poorly maintained and can suffer a tire blowout or other failure which causes an accident. Also, 18 wheelers have substantial “blind spots” around the large truck which can lead to an accident, and they can’t change lanes, stop or maneuver the huge vehicle as well as you can handle a car.

18 Wheeler Accident Injuries

Persons in 18 wheeler accidents often suffer the most severe and catastrophic of injuries, if not death. The average car is no match for the large, lumbering, heavy vehicles hauling loads on highways at high speeds, perhaps trying to beat an unrealistic delivery deadline.

Such 18 wheeler accident injuries can include head, skull and brain injuries leading to neurological damage and loss of brain function — even paralysis, such as quadriplegia or paraplegia. They also can cause neck, back or spinal problems, also leading to paralysis.

An 18 wheeler accident may result in multiple broken bones and perhaps even amputation. Such injuries also can include burns and disfigurement. In fact, an 18 wheeler accident is more likely than a crash between cars to cause severe, life-changing, debilitating injuries, also known as catastrophic injuries.

18 Wheeler Accident Costs

In view of such severe 18 wheeler injuries, the costs of 18 wheeler accident are enormous. Americans suffer billions of dollars in human and property costs each year due to the annual half-million 18 wheeler collisions.

Those costs include money lost due to medical expenses, rehabilitation bills, lost salary from the present to the future and the stress, pain and suffering inflicted on victims.

Who should cover such costs? Certainly that shouldn’t be the injured driver or passenger of another vehicle which wasn’t at fault in the 18 wheeler traffic accident.

Rather, in an 18 wheeler accident involving injury or death, the negligent truck driver or trucking company must be held accountable in the legal arena. This may mean filing an 18 wheeler accident lawsuit against a trucking line and on behalf of victims.

18 Wheeler Accident Lawsuit

To recover injury costs from an 18 wheeler accident, victims may need an 18 wheeler accident lawsuit. And they should act quickly, because trucking companies and their insurers will do so. Trucking interests often try to hide or cover up their accountability for an 18 wheeler crash in order to avoid paying money to victims that they rightfully owe.

Clearly, an experienced legal hand is needed at the wheel of your case to steer it toward a successful outcome. You need an 18 wheeler accident lawyer from our law firm.

18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer

If you’re looking for an 18 wheeler accident lawyer, you’ve come to the right place. Our law firm has almost 40 years of experience helping injured persons — particularly in traffic accidents — get the payments to which they were legally entitled for their injury losses, including medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering.

Write or call us today for a free legal consultation, and get an 18 wheeler accident lawyer for you and your 18 wheeler accident lawsuit.

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