Tanker Truck, Pickup Crash on US 290

CYPRESS, Texas –- A tanker truck and a pickup truck crashed on US 290 Tuesday night, Sept.3, 2013, with the tanker truck rolling over and spilling liquid chemicals onto the roadway. The northbound highway then was closed until around noon the next day, or about 15 hours after the crash.

The accident occurred about 9:10 p.m. close to Mueschke.

According to Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department officials, the tanker truck was hauling a full load of aluminum sulfide, and the corrosive chemical spilled onto the road from a ruptured tank. The chemical is dangerous to inhale, and some Harris County deputies had to be taken to a hospital after experiencing dizziness in the wreck’s aftermath.

Persons within a .5-mile radius of the wreck were advised to stay inside for awhile after the wreck.

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